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Top 5 Essential Tips for Family Vacation

Travel offers a brilliant opportunity for family bonding and relaxation. When you are going on a vacation with family, planning eases out a lot of unexpected issues that you may experience on your journey.

For our family vacations, we generally plan ahead of time, to ensure a seamless and enjoyable trip. Here are 5 fundamental tips to help you structure an exceptional family vacation.

Family Vacation

1. Early arrangement

Planning well ahead of time pays rich profits. Plan family trips at least 3 months ahead of time. Not only will this ensure that you get enough buffer period to save up the money required without disrupting other plans, but it also helps you get the best arrangements for booking flights and hotels as an early booker

2. Search Flights

Try to invest some time on research on all that you may require before settling down on your options. To begin with, you may need to pay special attention to the best rates for flights to and from your destination. Google Flights is a great tool for finding the most affordable flights, and the least expensive month to plan trips based on the airfares. This is necessary as airfares form a significant lump of the budget.

3. Pick the rights Home away from Home

You should always put a lot of though and research when choosing the right hotel, there you will spend a significant portion of your vacation! After all the exhausting activities and travels of the day, one longs for a great night's rest in a nice and comfortable bed. While booking a hotel, we always search for the various offers in the area in OTAs(Online Travel Agencies) or sites like TripAdvisor, which offer easy access to all that is available, afterwards we always recommend to contact the chosen Hotel or business directly since that is where the best rates are at most of the time. OTAs charge a large percentage up to a 25%, so hotel always appreciate going direct and most of the times are willing to provide incentives to do so.

Manuel Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio National Park

4. Settle on what are the must-see places

Another significant viewpoint we should center around before setting out for our vacation is the attractions and activities we would want to incorporate into our itinerary, your Hotel is always a great place to inquiry about the most popular or worthwhile spots, activities and tours in the area, don’t hesitate in clearing any and all queries you may have before arriving

5. Have a destination to destination itinerary

The devil lies in the subtleties. So, plan down to the littlest detail before locking your home and driving off on a vacation. Have everything planned with costs when we start, directly from how to arrive at the airport, how to reach our hotels in our destinations, what attractions we will visit on which day, how would we drive and arrive at these spots, and so on and so forth.

Tropical Vacation

These above-mentioned tips work for us and we hope they will help you. So, whenever you plan your vacation with your family to places like Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, simply give a thought to these tips. Obviously, there is fun in being spontaneous and going without an itinerary but, with regards to family travel or going with children, it's always best to have a plan!

Pura Vida!


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