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"Get to know the area like a local"

Location & Transportation

"Away from the noise but 

Nestled in the serene and enchanting corner of Quepos and Manuel Antonio, Boutique Hotel Las Cascadas has proudly cultivated a reputation for being an oasis of tranquility. What sets us apart is our unique ability to offer guests a peaceful respite, all while remaining conveniently close to Manuel Antonio and Quepos vibrant attractions. Here, you can unwind in the calm embrace of nature, yet find yourself within easy walking distance of the key destinations that make this region so captivating. It's this harmonious blend of quiet seclusion and proximity to adventure that makes our location in Costa Rica truly special.

 close to the action"

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What makes our location your best choice?

Besides the abundance of wildlife, lush nature, quite and great company...

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Recomended Restaurants

 +20 restaurants in a 7 minute walking radius 

Club Banana/2 min. walk

Back to the roots, been here since 1932!

Double hook/5 min. walk

Sportsbar with beautiful marina view

Gabriella's/5 min. walk

For special night, pricy but fancy!

Gelateria Amorosi/5 min. walk

Delicious gelato, cosy ambience

Runaway Grill/5 min. walk

More of an american style food

Gran Escape/6 min. walk

One of the old classics in the area, cant go wrong!

Tentacion/6 min. walk

Just great food!

Soda Zanches/7 min. walk

Tipical costarican food!


 Best hikes and sightseen spots nearby 

Marina Pez Vela/5 min. walk

Best sportfishing in the country!

La Macha/30 min long hike

a chalenging but worthwile hike from our gate

Nahomy bay/6 min. walk

Great sunsets and amazing snorkeling spots

Reto Mae/1.5-2 hour long hike

A true costarican reto (challenge in spanish) from our gate

Manuel Antonio National Park/10 min. drive

The main atraction in the area!

Playa Biezans/7 min. drive

Best for snorkeling and for kids!

Rainmaker reserve/30 min. drive

Waterfalls and hanging bridges! 


San Jose airport to
Boutique Hotel Las Cascadas


As you leave the airport, get ready for a straightforward drive that offers a glimpse into the heart of Costa Rica.

Start by heading southwest on Route 1, then merge onto Route 27. This part of your trip will take you through the Central Valley, offering a mix of urban and rural landscapes.

In about an hour, you'll transition onto the Costanera Sur (Route 34), a road that runs closer to the coast. The drive is pleasant and smooth, with occasional views of the ocean and lush greenery typical of the region. This route is a seamless blend of Costa Rica's natural beauty and its bustling life.

After a total travel time of around 2.5 to 3 hours, you'll approach Quepos. Keep an eye out for Marina Pez Vela as you're just 200 meters away by then.


Look for the sign for Boutique Hotel Las Cascadas on the street opposite the marina entrance. You're about to turn into what might be the narrowest road in Costa Rica, leading you straight into an authentic Costa Rican neighborhood.

Nestled at the end of this unique street, you'll find Boutique Hotel Las Cascadas, your tranquil retreat in the heart of a vibrant community. Get ready to relax and enjoy your stay!

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Wondering how to move around Costa Rica?
We have you covered, contact our concierge to help you schedule a:
  • Private driver
  • Shared shuttle
  • Local charter flight
  • Rent a car
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