Las Cascadas The Falls

Location and Transportation

Las Cascadas The Falls is located in the beautiful small town of Quepos, Manuel Antonio in the Costa Rica's Central Pacific Coast, this area is one of the country top destinations, recently named by the Forbes Magazine as one of the most beautiful National Park in the world.

Known for its long stretches of white sand, dense tropical rainforest and abundant wildlife, this region is popular with sun lovers, nature lovers, adrenaline seekers and deep sea fishing anglers. While Manuel Antonio remains an eco-friendly area, the roads, dining and nightlife is among the best of any beach destination in Costa Rica. An abundance of nearby tours and activities can keep you busy every day of your stay if you so desire.

Las Cascadas The Falls is located in the Town of Quepos, approximately 156 km (96 miles) SW of the San José Intl airport (approx 2 hrs 30 mins).

Our convenient Location offers you a  walk of 5 minutes to the center of Quepos, here you can find various Costa Rican style restaurants, grocery stores, banks and more. 

We are located just a 10 minute drive, away from the Manuel Antonio National Park.

Manuel Antonio is the name of the small beach town that has sprouted up around the National Park and is 5km (3 miles) further south of Quepos .

Only one main road leads from the town of Quepos up and over the hill and down to the beaches of Manuel Antonio.

Buses and taxis depart regularly back and forth between the two destinations.

Wondering how to move around Costa Rica?

We have you covered, these are 3 of the most popular options

Private Driver offer much more flexibility with their timing and stops, they offer services any time and any where you want.

The transportation is provided in a minivan with air condition, and provide stops  upon request.

Best Recommended for larger groups( 3 or more).

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There are shuttles available to all over the country in modern air conditioned minivans, prices vary from $40 to $60 per person, and they usually offer 2 shuttles a days, picking up at around 8:30 am and 3:30 pm depending on the destination, it is best recommended for groups of 3 or less people.

Contact us for more information on pricing and reservation procedure

If you are not in the Mood for a 2:30 - 3:30 hour long ride a flight is a great option, and Skyway provides a great service fo so

In regards of Renta cars we like to recommend Adobe Rent a Car, they provide flexible insurance coverage and  great service, and you can book directly from our website

Driving Directions from Juan Santamaria International Airport 

The drive from the San José airport (Juan Santamaria International Airport) to Manuel Antonio will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes and is fully paved with the new highway in place. Drive defensively and be aware when two lanes become one, "CEDA" means "Yield".

Once on Route 1 (Inter American Highway) - follow signs to San Ramon, and continue straight ahead for about 10 km. After the second bridge crossing, get in the right lane and take the next exit (Route 3) for Jaco / Quepos / Manuel Antonio. There is also a sign here for Punta Leona and Atenas. Turn left at the stop sign, crossing back over Route 1.

Follow Route 3 for about 3 km. Look for a large Christian church on the left and then a soccer field and make a left on the road immediately after it. There are no signs and it's a secondary road, so don't think you've made a mistake. It's currently the best connection to the toll highway from the airport. Drive for another 3 km through this somewhat winding road. Once you arrive at the highway intersection turn left BEFORE the highway. Again, there are no signs here yet. Be careful as it's a narrow two-way gravel access road. After some 300 meters you will arrive at a roundabout. Make a right following the highway signs to Orotina / Atenas.

Drive on the highway through 2 toll booths. Then, take the next right exit to Route 34; follow signs for Jaco /Quepos. This exit forms a loop and then you bypass a roundabout to continue straight to Jaco (another 36 km).

Follow Route 34 (also called Costanera) for a while and you will cross over the Tárcoles River Bridge - there are usually a few cars parked before/after the bridge since it is a popular viewing point for the crocodiles in and around the river.

Follow the signs to Jaco and Manuel Antonio. At 157.6 km, you will come to a “Y” in the road. You will see a sign with Quepos, Manuel Antonio bearing off to the right.

Coming into Quepos, you will cross a bridge that overlooks the ocean and you will begin to see more commercial properties and then

As you actually enter into Quepos you will cross a short. One lane bridge and you will see the Marina in the background.

Head towards the Marina Pez Vela . At the entrance of the Marina you will see our sign on the left. Turn left here.  You are about 300 yards from our front Gate. Just follow the signs . At the top of the hill you will come into a small residential area and a narrow street. Go to the end of this street  50 yards , and you will see our gate at the end. Finally You are Here!!!

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GPS Coordinates 

GPS Coordinates – Latitude: 9.424532 &Longitude: -84.163677

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Directions: Road to La Marina Pez Vela, 250 mts west, Zona, Americana, Tipo H, Puerto Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Provincia de Puntarenas, Quepos, 60601

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