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Parasailing Tour


Triple: $209.05 | Doble: $158.20

20 min

Triple: $209.05 | Doble: $158.20

Parasailing is fun anywhere but parasailing Costa Rica’s coast is certainly something to experience. Imagine the peacefulness of gliding high above some of the world’s most beautiful jungle coastlines. Get a bird’s eye view of the wildlife in Manuel Antonio National Park, while soaring 600 feet above the Pacific Ocean. A gentle an relaxed experience but also adventurous as you take to the skies. You get both thrill and leisure as you gaze out over the beauty that Manuel Antonio and surrounding coastline has to offer. With experienced local companies, you can relax and enjoy this unbelievably unique and spectacular experience safely. Anyone can do it, ages 4 and up – no experience needed. Your experience parasailing Costa Rica is a memory that will last a lifetime.

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